In order to bring change, knowledge can be shared and developed into different types of activities and projects. Focus can be placed on tackling legislation, problem solving, product and process design, innovation and strategic planning. All projects can be co-created with one of our international partners.

Beginning of Circle

A more proactive mind set looking at ways to change production processes aiming to reduce waste and minimise impact. Beg of Circle Projects look at alternative raw materials, implementation of lean manufacturing practices, new machinery and product re-designing.
BENEFITS: competitive advantage and cost reduction

End of Circle

Focus on waste problems and short-term solutions. It is also relevant to businesses concerned with waste regulation, producer responsability and reverse logistics. End of Circle Projects proposes to find solutions to waste problems and turn waste into resources by creating recycling loops whether into the same supply chain or into the development of new products.
BENEFITS: reduced costs and legal compliance

Full Circle

Strategic for cities and industries development. Full circle projects have a long-term view looking at business model innovation and how new practices can be implemented whether creating a more smart cities or prosperous businesses. The aim is to make cities and businesses FUTURE PROOF.
BENEFITS: smar cities, business survival and reputation


Circular economy involves a paradigm shift in terms of product design, production process, consumer and industry relationship, closer and connected supply chains, digital technology and different performance indicators. Each city, each industry may find a new business model for growth and development. Tailor made research can be applied to investigate long term opportunities and develop appropriate circular indicators.

Workshops & Educational material

In order to bring circular thinking to Brazil, it is important to develop a range of educational material adapted to the Brazilian reality. Case Studies will be developed, as well as, discussion foruns and workshops to demonstrate the benefits and opportunities of the new circular economy. Material can be produced for events articles and tailored made publications.

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