The E4CB methodology for transformation is based in 3 pilars:

1st pilar: EDUCATION


The first stage of transformation is about knowledge.
One must gain knowledge to change, grow and develop.

Therefore, everything starts from knowledge sharing and the learning of new concepts, values and benefits. International discussion, participation on open source debates, co-creation platforms and international think-tanks and webinars would be crucial to put Brazil into the global scenario. The education pilar is therefore about international knowledge transfer through articles, technical documents, workshops, events, and hands on activities.


Knowledge without practice is only good for the reader.
Concepts must be adapted to the Brazilian scenario, culture and
priorities through tailor-made projects.

Systems that work in certain countries might not necessarily be applicable to the Brazilian reality. The implementation pilar is therefore the practical stage, where knowledge is shared and evaluated between international partners and Brazilian experts. This learning and co-criation environment is essential to accelerate change and assist Brazilian’s growth and development.


Everybody likes examples and good examples inspire.

Case Studies will be developed to demontrate circular economy in practice and encourage more companies to investigate new opportunities through circular thinking. Case Studies will help us to consolidate the concept in two ways: learning from Brazilian cases where circular thinking is already hapenning and the new Case Studies highlighting project’s results.

The Exchange 4 Change platform will bring innovation to Brazil,
promote best practice and demonstrate sucess.

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