After 10 years working in the UK with businesses and government demonstrating how sustainability can contribute to increase efficiencies, create value and develop competitive advantage, in 2010 Beatriz Luz, Exchange 4 Change founder has decided to move back to Brazil determined to bring change, new concepts and best practices to her home country.

Her passion to teach and demonstrate the value of knowledge sharing and collaboration started with the training given at the 1st industrial simbiosis pilot in Brazil led by UK company International Synergies in partnership with FIEMG.After Rio+20, in order to strenghten life cycle thinking discussions among businesses in Brazil, she has brought together several Brazilian businesses to form the Rede Empresarial Brasileira de ACV – the 1st business hub in Brazil aimed at discussing LCA as a key sustainability tool for product development, bring research centres closer to the industry and be the industry common voice with the government.In 2011, by becoming the Brazilian representative at the ICCA LCA Focus Group representing Braskem, the Brazilian Petrochemical Company, she was invited as a coautor for the 1st global LCA executive guide, increasing her knowledge and network worldwide.Her interest for circular economy started when she has gained responsability for the sustainability of the green polyethylene at Braskem Renewable Chemicals division in 2013. Being involved in discussion with global clients, european union representatives, NGOs, other biopolymer producers and circular economy experts she has brought the discussion to Brazil in connection with the Chemical Industry. By highlighting how Bioeconomy and renewables are important elements of this discussion and relevant to Brazil, with the opportunity to share UK experience, she has influenced the British Embassy to sponsor the 1st Circular Economy discussion forum held by the Secretary of Environment in São Paulo in November 2014.Exchange 4 Change Brazil was therefore born in June 2015 as a desire to look further at the new circular economy and the potential benefits to Brazil. The benefits go beyond one company, one sector and one city. Knowledge can be gained, exchanged and adapted to the Brazilian reality by adopting a collaborative view among industry, government and society. International partnerships can bring innovation, accelerate change and transform business practices in Brazil.

The 3C Principle was developed to be the core value
of this knowledge change platform:




Connecting People

Creating Value

Circular Thinking

If you are interested in becoming a partner and work towards Brazilian transformation,
please contact us and become part of this circular movement: e4cb@e4cb.com.br

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