Malucos não, otimistas sim! Not mad, but optimistic!


As Juscelino Kubtischek would say:

“The optimist might even make mistakes, but the pessimistic starts off by making them.”

This phrase was used by Jesus Gomes, organizer of Brazil RWM, in his opening speech and a timely statement to present the situation of recycling in Brazil.

He pointed out that despite the precarious situation of some cities regarding the lack of collection, separation of materials, physical structure and operation of recycling, we must establish an eye for market development, assessing the opportunities for job creation, new technologies, new business and new materials.

The market demands that we be prepared for this new reality.

Therefore RWM brings together; products, services, large companies and entrepreneurs aiming to bring new technologies and show the potential of the recycling chain development in Brazil. Thus, it becomes an important forum to influence the discussion by showing the benefits of circular economy.

We need to get out of the traditional linear production model of purchase, use and throw away, to a circular model, more restorative disconnecting the productive growth of the increasing use of raw materials.

Also attending the opening ceremony, Carlos Silva Filho, CEO of ABRELPE, secretary Simon Peter representing the mayor Fernando Haddad, José Eduardo Lucci, representing the state’s environment secretary Patricia Iglesias and a representative of the government of India, responsible for the waste management of a municipality in India nearly the size of Brazil. He showed the challenges and reality where entrepreneurs and waste managers understand the need to work together.

The event also included a workshop and an exhibition where visitors were able to talk to international experts and realize that there is no shortage regarding technology and solutions to improve the management of solid waste in Brazil.

Through this exchange of knowledge, with drive and determination, we can change Brazil!


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