What is the future of education?


The digital revolution has allowed us to reach information from a variety of sources, from different countries and at a very high speed. The digital world is changing the way we communicate, buy and sell products.

Moreover, we are living in a world that is becoming full of waste and pollution due to our attitudes, behaviour and such a global and competitive economy.

As a result, a new economy must be established based on a more collaborative scenario where products are re-designed and company growth is disconnected from the use of resources. The educational system must also be part of this transformation, if we want to guarantee that people are happy, companies can survive and our enviroment is to be protected.

Socio and emotional skills must be included into the school curriculum aiming to build stronger adults that are able to influence new product development, encourage business model innovation and guarantee long term business development.

The future of education is therefore to be built by bringing together socio and emocional skills, different classroom styles, teaching methodologies, tools and circular thinking.

I have joined forces with Fernanda Furia, a consultant colleague of mine expert in bringing innovation into education to develop this unique workshop that merges for the first time aspects of innovation/technology, emotions, school design, production development, sustainability and climate change – the new innovative and sustainable education methodology.

We were honoured to launch this workshop alongside other experts at the HUB Escola, a two-week event organized by The HUB Floripa aiming to bring together people that are keen to change the status quo and develop innovative and sustainable solutions to our society.

Our workshop was delivered in a flipped clasroom style, with hands on activities to get people to experience the benefits of an innovative and sustainable education.


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