Exchange4Change Brasil becomes an official knowledge partner of the World Bank Connect4Climate global campaign

txt1 Connect4Climate global campaign

“The more I looked through their website, the more I got encouraged and inspired to pursue the challenges ahead of me in developing international partnerships to bring knowledge and innovation to Brazil.”

This was my thinking a few months ago, when I was in the process of finalizing the concept development of the Exchange4Change platform and I came across Connect4Climate.

Connect4Climate is a campaign, a coalition, and a community, dedicated to raising awareness about climate change issues around the world. Their goals are to connect and amplify climate change initiatives, engage the most diverse sectors with innovation and creativity and take on climate change by promotion solutions and action.

I believe that by working together we can learn from each other and generate solutions that are more specific, realistic and applicable. By reaching out for global specialists we can adapt worldwide practices to the Brazilian reality and work together to create solutions, promote actions and accelerate the transition to the circular economy in Brazil.

I have seen that our views and principles were very much in common and as a result, I took the courage to contact them. Today I got a letter from them saying that they were honored to establish a knowledge partnership with Exchange4Change Brasil and that we would be an invaluable addition to their community.

Thanks Joana Lopes and Ye Jin Kim!

I am delighted to have been considered as a knowledge partner and I am looking forward to participating in this global movement, connect with other community partners share knowledge and work together to amplify climate change initiatives, especially in Brazil.

Through innovation, creativity, collaboration and circular thinking we can reduce climate change.

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