A global re-design? Shaping the Circular Economy

b2So, what is sustainability? What does it mean to be green?

In order to comprehend the challenges and opportunities of a sustainable world, it requires first an understanding of the term sustainability and the best way to learn is through “living it”.

Green Nation is a sustainability and innovation Festival that aims to create a cool learning experience by gathering under the same roof music, cinema, animation, experimentation, photography, internet, social media, sport and a lot of interactive activities hoping to stimulate a new society which is based on new values, new products and a positive interaction between people and the environment.

We must move from a linear economy based on a “take, make, dispose” model to a circular economy where waste is designed out of the system and materials are better used and returned to the production system. Circular economy is a economy where growth and business development is decoupled from raw materials usage. It is a more positive, regenerative and collaborative economy.

We must redefine value, re-think product design, re-evaluate material flows and production systems. In a circular economy, new business models are being created that consider products as services and consumers as users.

“Developing a common understanding of a circular economy and its key components would help to lay the groundwork for wider take-up of the concept, encourage cooperation and avoid confusion” Chatham House, Circular Economy Briefing Paper

I was therefore happy and honored to be invited as a Green Nation Collaborator bringing this topic for discussion as I believe this is the perfect scenario to demonstrate the value of circular thinking to such a wider audience.

By carefully designing and embedding circular economy concept into the interactive activities, Green Nation Festival could highlight the benefits for the society in terms of new products and services and potentially influence city development demonstrating new technology, connectivity possibilities and positive social impact.

This is the 3rd edition of the Festival happening in Rio just before the Olympic Games and it could the edition that has raised the bar of the sustainability discussion attracting the attention of not only people that are normally interested in the topic, but also government and organizations interested in understanding the challenges and opportunities of the modern society and a greener nation.

Green Nation Website

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