e-training: 11 business units and 7 countries at the same time

artigo10In a market that is extremely challenging and competitive, people and companies have to be kept up to date with the new concepts and technologies in order to differentiate themselves and see the opportunities ahead of them.

I believe that we should never stop studying because if we are not prepared, a good opportunity might cross our way and we will miss it!

These days technology allow us to reach out for online courses everywhere in the world and in a variety of subjects. We can study without having to leave our own houses.

I have participated in online courses from Stanford University, have attended online workshops and webinars from leading consultancies and have even joined online collaborative platforms for project development, such as the MIT Climate Co Lab.

This week I was invited to participate on a webinar at the Odebrecht Headquarters in São Paulo. It was my first opportunity to be on the other side, sharing my knowledge with many others across the screen. It was only a few of us in a room, but on the other side, there were people subscribed from 11 business units and 7 different countries.

This was the 1st time that Odebrecht was providing this type of online training and it was part of an innovative training package that the company is offering to their employees this year. It was the 1st webinar of a series aiming to provide sustainability training.

I was able to talk about the challenges and opportunities of the circular economy for Brazil and bring examples on the context of their business. It was a very good and positive discussions and I was able to identify a few Case Studies within the group to demonstrate circular economy in practice in Brazil. Watch out soon…

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