Swim for the ocean!

artigo4The event has taken place in Cascais, Portugal and it was the 1st time the event was part of the World Open Water Swim Series.

The aim was to make this event an opportunity to “give back” to the ocean by fundraising for charity, in order to help improve the ocean’s health, for our continued enjoyment in the future. Funds raised were donated to Ocean Recovery Alliance, which does work around the world to help reduce plastic pollution in our waters.

Recent research has evaluated 192 coastal countries and have demonstrated the critical levels of plastics debris entering in the marine environment: from the 275 million metric tons (MT) of plastic waste generated on land, from 4.8 to 12.7 million MT has entered the ocean. In addition to that, there is the economic impact for the cost of the pollution caused of around 11.600 millions euros annually.

Therefore, it is extremely important to tackle the plastic waste issues on land to ensure that the embedded value of plastic products are not compromised by the pollution that it generates.

Events like that contributes to raise awareness and encourage research on plastic recycling.

Thanks Doug for the invitation and let’s replicate this initiatives in Brazil.

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