What do you stand for?

Today I have attended a workshop with Dan Formosa – American consultant in design and design research – at the Design Thinking Center in São Paulo.

Dan has based his career on the idea that design should focus on people, not things.

He has explained that as designs become popular, we must get ready for an increasing demand for better design. But he has gone even further. He has highlighted the relationship between design and strategy: it is the design that creates the brand. Marketing and advertising budgets will be diverted to design budgets.

“People are interested not just in what you do, but in what you stand for.”
Dan Formosa

artigo2So, design will contribute to sustainability, create value and will be crucial for company positioning.

This company cares and that doesn’t. This can be shown on the product design.

That makes me even more fascinated about the designing world and the key role of the designers on product development and company branding to accelerate the transition to the circular economy.

We must think circular – from product design to materials usage and re-manufacturing. Waste can become raw material again, but it must be applied on products without losing quality neither design. These would be called circular products – cool products with great design, quality and with recycled content.

Companies are responsible to design out waste from the value chain, design products that last longer, focus on the experience that the product can give and think on how and why the consumer will pick your product.

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